The Elevate Show presents what’s new in fitness.

Elevate 2017 proved the ideal platform to show off the latest fitness equipment and updates to product lines. Here’s a flavour of what was on show.

Latest addition to Spinner Chrono bikes

Spinner Chrono Power is Precor’s latest addition to its Spinner indoor cycling family (Spinner Rally, Spinner Shift and Spinner Ride). The bike provides direct power measurement at the power source, delivering the most accurate way to measure personal performance on an indoor cycle.

Equipped with a strain gauge power sensor bonded directly to the resistance system to measure wattage it provides high accuracy and durability without needing to replace batteries, along with eradicating the need to re-calibrate the sensor.

Gamification to encourage engagement

eGym’s new and improved user interface (GUI) is designed to enhance engagement and encourage a longer term commitment to physical activity. It sits at the heart of each of its strength units and provides users with fun, interactive graphics and more gamification elements to help achieve optimal return on every exercise. Access is now direct to the eGym user points and reward systems, previously only accessible from the eGym Fitness app.

Visitors to the stand were also able to see demonstrations of the Trainer and Fitness Apps. All innovations link together, also collating information from connected partners, to deliver a member experience which is fun, motivating, engaging and results focused.

eGym also used the show to launch its new connected partner programme -  eGym ONE Training Experience. Several partners, including Precor and Netpulse, also showcased integration with eGym on their stands.


Meeting demand for HiiT training

Core Health & Fitness showcased two new products designed to meet the growing demand for High Intensity Interval Training style workouts – the StairMaster HIITMill and HIITMill X.

The products give customers the ability to simulate sled pushing, farmer carries and speed and agility training in a very small footprint. Both machines feature an 11 per cent incline and simple to use, magnetic resistance mechanism. The lift arms on the HIITMill X are capable of adding 200 pounds of load and create a farmer’s carry workout. The HIITMill X also features a cushioned turf belt that simulates outdoor turf field workouts to bring the best of strength, speed and sled training workouts indoors.


No pain, all gain with Octane

The ZR8000 Zero Runner treadmill from Octane combines the best of a treadmill and an elliptical for workouts that replicate real running without the stressful impact.

Users can choose from 15 resistance levels and 11 workout programmes to personalise intensity and stimulate better results. Users can monitor and correct their imbalances. The dual stride trace makes it easy to see activation of the glutes and hamstrings by the height of the heel kick, so runners can focus on getting the best workout that fully engages these important muscle groups.

Zero Runner reinvents walking, jogging and running by completely eliminating repetitive, stressful impact on the body. The innovative design allows users to replicate a natural running motion so they use all the same muscles they do outside, but without the harmful impact.

Built without a belt, deck or motor, the Zero Runner also eliminates the high costs of treadmill operation, maintenance and service.

Capturing human energy

SportsArt ECO-POWR harness the power of bikes and ellipticals and puts it back into the grid. Micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage. Simply plug the bikes and ellipiticals into the wall, and the excess energy goes back into the facility’s power grid.

SA WELL+ is a cloud based IOS or Android smartphone app that can communicate with SA WELL+ equipped SportsArt cardio products via Bluetooth or NFC. Once connected, users can track personal workout data, set goals and share their achievements through Facebook.

SA WELL+ can also manage SportsArt cardio equipment assets. Once equipped, products are synced to the internet and integrate with the asset management web portal to show product location, accumulated usage metrics, service history and more with easy to read charts and graphs.


Improving sports performance and wellness

Renew Health announced that Renew Therapy will be available in the UK for the treatment of individuals wishing to improve their sports performance and wellness.

Founded on ECP technology, Renew Therapy has been developed for use with healthy individuals to enhance circulation which has clinically shown to provide improvement in vasodilation, increased VO2 and increased blood flow.

During treatment, inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. ECG sensors are then placed on the chest to detect the heartbeat. The cuffs inflate and deflate in time with every single heartbeat. Inflation happens sequentially from the calves up to the hips repeatedly. The inflation of the cuffs compresses blood from the lower legs back to the heart, improving blood flow in and around the heart.

Space-saving solutions

Matrix showcased a number of their products including:

In-Trinity - an elevated fitness board and training programme that builds strength, balance and flexibility, coordination and agility.

The S-Drive Performance Trainer - combining the benefits of self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, and resistance parachutes and harness systems, in one, space-saving footprint.

Two specialised SMARC (Synchronized Monitoring Analysis Recording Care) products: the SC01 and the SC02, designed to improve quality of movement, and enhance every aspect of multi-planar movement from cardiovascular fitness to balance and agility.


Powerful and precise 3D Body Scanner

React Fitness are the exclusive distributors of Styku, 3D body scanning technology in the UK.  The Styku software captures the body in 3D and gives insight into all aspects of body composition and shape analysis. Set goals, determine health risks, compare statistics and rankings and track changes over time using powerful and motivating visuals and trends.

Styku is helping operators to generate income by actively engaging with their members, putting them in a better position to offer personal training, small group training, nutritional programmes, drive membership sales and increase retention levels.

Taking tyre training to the next level

Tossing a tyre is a popular means of getting an all over body workout and developing strength and power. However, they can be difficult to control and are inherently unstable, meaning it's not easy to work safely, with the correct form.

This is why Jordan Fitness has launched TufNut, a six-sided solution. TufNut provides all the challenge of a tyre with all the control. There are straps on various faces and various weights are available - so users can jump, flip, roll, lift, push, pull. Its hexagonal sturdy steel frame is surrounded by super resilient foam and covered with a strong PVC cover for a complete workout with complete control, stability and safety.


New virtual movement assessment tool

TRX showcased a range of new innovations at Elevate 2017 including its Functional Training Tools, DUO Trainer and C4 Suspension Trainer, as well as its new digital innovation, TRX MAPS.

TRX MAPS is a virtual movement assessment tool, powered by Physmodo, to help assess how you move, identify inefficiencies, prescribe pertinent programming and help progress a person’s fitness goals. TRX MAPS fits into the wider launch of TRX CONNECT; a combination of new technology aimed to help gyms connect with their members, including a new TRX consumer app and the TRX Digital Pro App for clubs.

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