February/March 2020

pac t facilities.co.uk 3 leader Clip n’ Climb The company plans to open 100 new franchise centres nationwide and will license its brand to independents and budding entrepreneurs as part of its expansion programme. (Page 23) Editor Vicky Kiernander Sales director Julian Walter National sales manager Matthew Fielder Production Gina Mitchell Design Sandra Cid Managing director Toby Filby Publishers Stable Publishing Limited SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7AH, England. t. 020 8288 1080 f. 020 8288 1099 e. info@stable-media.co.uk www.pactfacilities.co.uk The publishers do not necessarily agree with views expressed by contributors and cannot accept responsibility for claims made by manufacturers and authors, nor do they accept any responsibility for any errors in the subject matter of this publication. Measurement beyond numbers WHEN assessing the success of sports and physical activity programmes, we generally refer to the number of participants taking part. But aside from the amount of physical bodies turning up to a session each week, what does this actually tell us about the impact of sport and physical activity? That’s why the launch of the new Sport Value Bank is so exciting. Developed by The Harlequins Foundation and social value research consultancy Simetrica, this online tool has been developed to allows sports organisations to measure the social value (or qualify of life) of their programmes and projects as well as of the organisation as a whole. (P19) Containing values for 70 outcomes across seven areas, the Sport Value Bank has been hailed as the largest and most comprehensive social value tool for the sector. It will help sports organisations to clearly demonstrate the return on investment to funders and donors, and can also be used as a quality assurance tool to compare projects and support decisions on allocation of resources. And this is vital with ever decreasing resources and decision-makers having to make increasingly difficult decisions as to where they allocate resource. Ultimately, it will help providers to measure the impact of sports and physical activity through the value they create rather than through the numbers their programmes reach. Vicky Kiernander Editor vicky@stable-media.co.uk We lco me. . . SUPPORTED BY