Waind Gohil + Potter design second club for boutique operator Core Collective

WG+P architects have transformed a former storage space to create their second gym for boutique operator Core Collective

The pay as you go site in Knightsbridge, London, offers clients a variety of group, instructor led sessions including TRX, HIIT, Power Yoga and Spinning.

Core Collective gym
Core Collective gym

A sociable workout experience

The aim is to enhance the social and workout experience in the gym, which is as much to do with wellbeing as activity.

The workout spaces are reflective of current lifestyle, fitness and nutrition trends giving gym goers a progressive yet relaxed atmosphere. They are curated and flexible spaces allowing for classes that can easily be tailored according to instructor, intensity and level. The result is a sociable destination that supports a healthy lifestyle within an inclusive yet bespoke environment.

“As millennials socialise at the gym, rather than at the bar, and exercise is becoming widely understood as routinely necessary to survive the metropolis, fitness spaces are taking on a new social and physical importance contributing to our wellness,” says Phil Waind, director with Waind Gohil+ Potter.